Stash Lighters
Stash Lighters

Stash Lighters

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Stash Lighters

Stash Lighters really are the cream of the crop when it comes to dummy items that double as storage compartments.

The two main reasons being, the lighter functions just as good, if not better than your normal dime store garbage lighters with a tall, strong dependable flame just about every time.

The second point is that there is nothing about the Stash Lighter that gives away its dual function when in normal use.

It feels solid in the hand, doesn’t show any obvious compartment openings, and really is impossible to spot unless you’re familiar with the brand Stash.

The compartment is extra secure, so there will be no accidental openings, and it can hold 3 or more pre-rolled 70mm cigarettes. Available in black, purple, red or blue.

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