RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit
RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit

RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit

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The RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit is a pocket-friendly protective case for small glass pipes or vaporizers that utilizes a cutting-edge technology to keep even the strongest of smells securely locked up inside.

Released in early 2000, the Hard Shell Krypto Kit from RYOT has been providing smell proof protection for quite some time now with only the best results.

RYOT's innovative SmellSafe odor blocking technology utilizes an activated carbon absorption method where microscopic charcoal particles form together to create an odor barrier, combine that will RYOT's SmellSafe moisture seal zipper and you have a true smell proof storage container.

Within every RYOT Krypto Case you will find one of their innovative Freshness Pods. This removable container is held in place by velvo straps, inside you will find it is lined with a space age silver lining that will help to prevent any herbs or tobacco stored inside from drying out too quicklly.

Inside the Krypto Kit from RYOT is two specially sized elastic loops that were designed to hold small taster bats/glass pipes and lighters, allowing you to store fragile pieces inside without them freely moving around.

RYOT's SmellSafe Krypto Case measures in 4.75" long by 2.75" wide and just over an inch tall, leaving you with a pocketable hard shell container that is ready for any terrain.

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