RYOT SmellSafe NoGoo Wallet

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The RYOT SmellSafe NoGoo Wallet is a cutting-edge concentrate container that incorporates NoGoo's platinum cured silicone material with RYOT's innovative SmellSafe technology to create the ultimate travel companion.

This innovative wallet replicates the shape of an actual wallet, measuring in at 4.25" long by just over three inches wide and under an inch thick. Not only does it resemble the shape of real wallet but it also comes equipped with two pouches that are each perfectly sized to hold cash, cards or papers.

Within each of RYOT's SmellSafe Wallets you will find a platinum cured silicone storage pouch and preparation mat that is 100% non-stick. This food grade material makes an ideal storage area for concetrates and thick essential oils while also providing to prepare your material before use.

The SmellSafe NoGoo Wallet from RYOT also comes equipped with their innovative SmellSafe technology that utilizes Antimicrobial microfibers to lock in even the strongest of odors. This cutting-edge technology allows you to travel with confidence knowing even the most robust smells will remain inside at all times.

Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.125

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