Ryot Walnut Sifting Box 4 x 7
Ryot Walnut Sifting Box 4 x 7

Ryot Walnut Sifting Box 4 x 7

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As it says right on the manufacturer’s website, Ryot Pollen Sifting boxes are, モthe perfect place to store natural herbs.ï¾”

Take it from the horse’s mouth and pick up this marvelous little creation for all your pollen sifting needs.

The nylon monofilament screen makes sure to only allow the smallest of particles to filter on through, and the no gap Lucite collection tray underneath will finish the job by making sure nary a single granule escapes the box’s clutch.

The truly superior aspect of a Ryot Sifting Box that sets it apart however, is that they also are designed to do overtime as humidors as well.

Simply drop a few sprinkles of water onto the lower Lucite tray, and then utilizing the strong magnets which secure the removable parts to the premium walnut wood base, seal the Box up, allowing the モDrop Stopヤ technology to handle the rest.

The Ryot Walnut Sifting box measures four inches long by seven inches wide, and stands just north of one inch.

If you truly want to treat yourself to the best in life, splurge on a Ryot.

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