Ryot Walnut Sifting Box 3 x 5
Ryot Walnut Sifting Box 3 x 5

Ryot Walnut Sifting Box 3 x 5

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The true connoisseurs out there reading this all know the name very well by now, and of course the name is Ryot.

This elegant yet commanding masterful work of carpentry measures in at three inches long by five inches wide, with an elfin height of just over one inch.

Compact but oh so cunning, this smaller-sized yet highly functional box is easily transported on your person, and constructed of nothing less than the exquisite wood of the walnut tree.

Besides storing your precious material, this also-precious box doubles, and triples, as both a humidor and a pollen sifting apparatus.

With a fully removable nylon sifting screen to filter the smaller particles through, and a likewise removable lower Lucite collection tray, you just throw a few pieces of principle material in and walk away.

The box does the rest, relying on nothing more than kinetic movement over a period of time.

The humidor technology is called モDrop Stopヤ, which is a water-based system that bypasses the use and constant changing of humidity packs.

Just a few drops of water go on the Lucite tray, and then you shut the box, sealing in the moisture.

Thatï¾’s it. There are also a series of magnets that hold the removable parts firmly in place while secured into the box and this really completes the recipe for a sturdy and secure sifting and humidifying tool. 

As the old saying goes, モif youメre going to buy it, make sure itメs a Ryot.ヤ

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