7 x 7 Double Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box

  • Product Code 7 XFKWYB16

The 7 x 7 Double Screen Natural Sifting Box is a top quality herbal sifting tool that is brought to you by the top name in the business.

This innovative sifting box comes equipped with two fine mesh monofilament sifting screens that each are designed to deliver a different quality of pollen.

RYOT's Double Screen Natural Sifting Box is composed of four separate layers, collectively creating three different sections. The top compartment is where you will store your herbal blends above the sifting screen where it will filter any pollen down into the next section.

After reaching this section only the finest and highest quality pieces of pollen will fall down into the bottom collection chamber for easy removal. This bottom chamber features a no gap dark lucite tray that allows you to easily see every little bit of material built up inside with ease.

The RYOT Natural Double Screen Sifting Box 7 x 7 also features a strong magnetic closure, a flip top lid design provides the perfect surface for preparation and a removable divider allows you to sift two different blends without allowing them to mix.

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