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Kannastor Storage Puck 2.2"

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The Kannastor Storage Puck 2.2" is a slim and portable storage container that can be paired to other 2.2" Kannastor brand grinders, this allows you to grind directly into your storage container to limit as much waste as possible.

This storage container from Kannastor features an exterior threading to prevent any material from building up inside the threads and ultimately binding the puck shut. This thread design not only creates a strong and secure closure it also creates an air tight seal that will prevent your material from drying out while also helping to ensure any odors held inside remain inside at all times.

Kannastor's storage puck measures in at around .75" tall by about 2.125" in diameter, leaving you with a pocket-friendly container that small amounts of material for travel. As all other Kannastor products this storage container is back by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects or malfunctions due to poor workmanship.

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