Sweetleaf Original Wooden Pocket Size Grinder

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The Sweetleaf wooden grinder contours the palm of your hand perfectly when grinding making grinding your material less of a chore and more of a quick simple process.

Its wooden build is both long lasting and durable and each one has it's own unique wood grain designs. Inside it has two layers of impaled stainless steel pins that shred through your herbs quickly with minimal effort on your end.

The Pocket size measures about 2 inches across in diameter or about 50mm. It fits comfortably in a pants or jacket pocket, making it great travel option.

These authentic Sweetleaf Grinders are the newest version available with darker logo. The Sweetleaf brand logo is burned/engraved into the wood using an improved method for cleaner results.

No longer produced with patent number.

Other Available Sizes:

Party - 62mm

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