Santa Cruz Shredder Magic Dabber Cookie Cutter
Santa Cruz Shredder Magic Dabber Cookie Cutter

Santa Cruz Shredder Magic Dabber Cookie Cutter

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To say that the Santa Cruz Magic Dabber Cookie Cutter is hands down the number one dabber on the market today is no stretch of reality.

The fact of the matter is, this particular dabber was engineered by a NASA scientist, and is made to precise specifications and dimensions that optimize its functioning and take the dabbing experience to a whole new level.

This American made dabber is cast from grade 2 medical titanium, and features advanced ergonomics for superior grip control and subtle maneuvering.

There is also a thermal color implemented to prevent the shaft from wicking, which is much needed considering the kind of heat this little gem is going to have to endure over the long-term.

On one end of the shaft is your standard ball-point, but down the other end, is where things get really interesting.

There is a small chamber inside the metal, put there specifically to lock in your material once you pick it up, and then evenly release it onto the heated surface thereby imparting an outstanding level of user control. 

The company logo sits proudly in the shaft for all to see the pride you take in your tools of the trade.

The Santa Cruz Shredder Cookie Cutter Magic Dabber Tool measures around 5.25" long.

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