Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner 16 oz.

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Formula 420 is the people’s choice and it’s really very simple why: it works a charm! What that means is that there is no simply “hoping for the best” and applying it to your gunked up glass, pyrex or ceramic pieces.

It’s a foregone conclusion with this particular brand that the results will be the same amazing transformation from dirty to spotless each and every time you use it.

And now for all the “Greenies” out there, they’ve rolled out a new product that is formulated from 100% all-natural ingredients.

This really affords one a serious peace of mind that any possible residues left behind on their pieces will not be harmful to them or to the environment.

Another perk is that the formula is manufactured in a concentrated state, so simply by doubling the liquid with equal parts water, you can have twice as much and not sacrifice any cleaning power whatsoever.

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