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Handheld Electric Grinder

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This super-popular Portable Battery Powered Electric Herb Grinder is a compact and pocket-friendly grinder for dried herbs and spices that offers one of the most convenient methods for grinding on the go.

This pocket-sized herb grinder is powered by three AAA batteries (sold separately) rather than a wired power source, allowing you to take this compact grinder with you no matter where you go.

Just remove the threaded plastic cap, place you herbs in the grind chamber and power the device on. From here this Battery Powered Herb Grinder will begin spinning it's sharp metal teeth, resulting in a smooth consistency that is perfect for smoking or rolling.

This go-to grinder measures in just under 6" tall by about 1.5" in diameter and it is constructed from a tough zinc alloy material, leaving you with an effective and durable grind tool that is perfect for travel use.

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