ColorFlame Lighter
ColorFlame Lighter

ColorFlame Lighter

Windproof refillable electronic lighter with colored flame
Windproof refillable electronic lighter with colored flame
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The ColorFlame Lighter is an affordable jet action torch lighter with eye-catching exterior designs and colored flame that truly make it unique.

This innovative pocket lighter features an electronic ignition that sparks the flame after pushing and holding a child-resistant button.

After pressing the button you will hear a click and a strong wind-proof flame with burst out, quickly changing to either a Ruby Red or Emerald green color.

As most torch lighters of this style, the ColorFlame has a slider that will adjust the amount of fuel being used to customize the flame size to fit your needs.

The ColorFlame Lighter is also made to be refillable, allowing you to invest in just one rather than picking up a new one every time it dies out. When the time comes there is a refill port on the bottom of the lighter and it will work well with most butane on the market.

  • 1 x ColorFlame Lighter (Ruby Red or Emerald Green Flame)

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