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Tightvac Vacuum Storage Pocketvac .06L

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Not just any small storage container, the PocketVac is a remarkable piece of technology that with just a push of the button, displaces all the air inside the container through a one-way channel, which leaves you with a true vacuum inside and a serious long-term capability in the palm of your hand.

Perfect for dry herbs, concentrates, vitamins, prescription medications or even gourmet candy, the PocketVac makes up in stealth what it lacks for in size with a completely smell-proof housing that will stand up to even the most pungent of scents.

For the final word in both long-term storage and portability, skip the rest and pick up a PocketVac.

The smallest of the TightVac Storage product line, this unit stands just 3 inches tall and about 1 and a half inches wide, with a storage capacity of a half-ounce.

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