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Tactical Hit Co. Waterproof Storage Small

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Tactical Hit Company is quickly elbowing its way onto the storage container scene with its premium quality wares, and their flagship Waterproof Storage Container is the one that’s really making the mark.

Machined from highly anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum, there really isn’t a more durable and lightweight material to make these things out of currently available on the market today.

It even resists smudge marks and fingerprints which really tells the tale about how much attention to detail went into the construction of this little dandy.

The threading unscrews with next to zero effort, and just as surely secures tight enough so as to keep even a single drop of water from ever touching your stash.

There won’t be any ultraviolet rays wreaking havoc on your herbs either thanks to the solid opaque design that really isolates and protects your material from the outside environment.

Made with pride in the United States, the smaller version also has a counterpart larger size, so be sure to have a look at all your options before you decide.

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