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Tactical Hit Co. Waterproof Storage Large

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If you’re in the market for a storage container that is low on glitz but very heavy on raw utility, look no further than the Michigan-made Tactical Hit Co. Waterproof Storage Container.

They don’t reinvent the wheel here, they just do it better, and leave no stone unturned down to the last little detail of this container’s build.

For instance, screwing and unscrewing the lid is going to feel like drawn butter it will be so effortless.

The premium aircraft-grade aluminum is not only lightweight and virtually indestructible, it also will keep fingerprints from ceaselessly showing up on your container as you constantly handle it. It’s the little things, but then, it’s also the big things, like never having to worry about a rainy day or some freak slip-up ruining your stash with their waterproof guarantee.

Even the opaque design keeps the light out to extend the shelf life of your perishables.

Like I originally said, these folks are nothing else if not “tactical.”

The Tactical Hit Co. Waterproof Storage Large is also available in a smaller version, so make sure to peep it.

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