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Tactical Hit Co. Waterproof Double Storage Small

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If you’re one of the countless folks out there who have gone through shoddily made storage containers one after the other, may we submit to you a different option: the Waterproof Double Storage Container from the engineers over at Tactical Hit Co.

If that name has a military or industrial ring to it, you’re definitely barking up the right tree, as the Double Storage Container is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which means two very good things.

The first one is that the container is very light due to it being made from aluminum and not a heavier, clunky metal.

The second thing is that because it is among the highest grade of aluminums commercially available, you do not have to worry about it ever bending or snapping under any possible circumstance.

The material also resists annoying smudge marks that sometimes can seem to endlessly appear on lesser containers, and there are dual compartments on either end to keep two separate stashes of material in just one of these bad boys.

The Tactical Hit Co. Waterproof Double Storage Container stands just about one inch tall. 

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