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Square RYOT 1905 Rosewood Grinder

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The Square RYOT 1905 Rosewood Grinder is a premium 2 piece wooden grinder that is built from a very durable aged and cured Rosewood, sealed with an organic vegetable based finish oil.

This grinder utilizes stainless steel pins to shred through dry smoking blends ease, providing a fluffy consistency that is perfect for smoking or vaporizing. These teeth are impaled directly into the grinder's wood, eliminating the need for any toxic adhesives to keep the pins in place and coming with a RYOT guarantee to never fall out under normal use.

The RYOT 1905 Rosewood grinders also feature a secure magnetic closure with the magnets being located outside of the grinding chamber, keeping them debris-free to avoid it from accidentally opening.

All of these 2 Part Wood Grinders feature a grind chamber that is around 20% larger than your standard 2 piece model, making it great for travel use. You can enjoy the increased capacity in the same lightweight and pocket-friendly size.

The Square edition to the 1905 Rosewood series measures about 2.91" accross or ~74mm, making this grinder the perfect size to throw in a pants or jacket pocket and grind on the go.

Dimensions: 2.91" (L) x 2.28" (W) x 1.18" (H)


  • 1 x RYOT 1905 Square Grinder
  • 1 x Drawstring Carry Bag

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