Small Kannastor Easy Change Screen 2.2"

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The Small Kannastor Easy Change Screen 2.2" is an innovative screen that comes with an outer threading, implemented for quick and effortless replacements. These Kannastor Easy Change screens also come in a variety of mesh sizes in order to provide a screen that can fit everybody's preference.

It just takes a simple twist from two of your fingers to remove these screens making cleaning and replacing them a breeze, and this also means you'll never have to purchase a special pair of pliers just to maintain your grinder again!

Whether you are looking to restore your Kannastor grinder to a like new status with a replacement 60 Mesh or you simply want to enhance your pollen collections with the newly released 100 Monofilament screen, we have just what you need.

The 2.2" Small Kannastor Easy Change Screen is designed to fit all 2.2" Kannastor Herb Grinders including the GR8TR Jar Grinder.

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