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Small Cosmic Titanium Dabber

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モIs that a dabber in your pocket, or you just happy to see me?ヤ

Thatï¾’s what youï¾’ll be hearing as you bounce around town with the Small Cosmic Titanium Dabber on your person.

Made with the element of travel specifically in mind, this pure grade 2 titanium dabber has a precisely crafted poker-tip end perfect for all those careful scraping movements and delicate dabbing maneuvers youï¾’ll come to repeatedly employ its use for. 

The titanium is Cosmicï¾’s metal of choice due to its high capacity to withstand the strongest of temperatures, which affords the end user a peace of mind that their dabber wonï¾’t get end up getting fried with even around-the-clock chronic usage.

There are a series of etched grooves for superior ergonomic control and the Cosmic logo is attractively emblazoned along the base of the dab tool.

Cosmic's Small Titanium Dabber measures around 3" long, leaving you with an en effective that easily fits in a pants or jacket pocket for travel.

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