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Small 4 Part Kannastor Herb Grinder 2.2"

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Small 4 Part Kannastor Herb Grinder 2.2"
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The 4 Piece Kannastor Grinder 2.2" is a premium quality grinder that is designed from start to finish with performance and efficiency in mind. Each Kannastor grinder is constructed from a strong aluminum that goes through a chemical bathing process which is then thoroughly inspected and anodized to eliminate the possibility of any impurities remaining in the material after the machining process. Kannastor goes through such lengths in order to provide their customers with a truly pristine product that looks as well as it performs.

The Small Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder has a specially engineered tooth pattern that was designed to shred through even the most dense material with ease, while the strategically placed drop through holes will prevent you from over shredding your material.

After grinding, the dried blends sit on Kannastor's patented Easy Change screen that can be easily be removed with a quick twist with from your fingers. Kannastor offers alternate screens with different mesh sizes to give you the opportunity to customize your grinding experience to your liking.

The Easy Change Screen filters any pollen from your material and allows it to build up in the deep polished collection tray. This bottom chamber has smooth rounded edges and comes with a Kannastor scraping tool that makes removing every last flake a quick and easy process.

Each Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder is also designed to be modular. Fully assembled you have your standard four part model complete with sifting screen and pollen collection area. In a moment's notice  you can remove the middle section and break it down into a pocket friendly three piece model for easier travel.

The Small size has a diameter of about 2.2" or 53mm making it a good size to take with you and grind on the go.


  • 1 x Kannastor 4 Piece 2.2" Multi Chamber Grinder
  • 1 x 60 Mesh Easy Change Screen (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x Kannastor Pick
  • 1 x Black Drawstring Carry Bag

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