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Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press Small

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Are you sitting on a ton of sifted pollen, and don’t know what to do with it because even the slightest breeze is going to blow a good chunk of it away?

Then look no further than the American-made Santa Cruz Shredder Small Pollen Press.

With an ergonomically-designed T-handle created to minimize torque and subsequent work involved, this pollen press is easy on effort and very big on results.

The press measures in at 3.5 inches tall when contracted, and 4.75 inches in height when fully extended.

There is a 19mm weighted disc on the inside of the press that makes the magic happen.

The finishing touch is the laser-engraved company logo along the base, letting you know only premium product is being produced under the specifications of Santa Cruz Shredders!

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