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Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press Large

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Santa Cruz Shredders has done it again with their ergonomically-minded Large Pollen Press.

Perfect for bigger jobs that involve pressing large quantities of pollen, this hefty press is made from the finest machined stainless steel, and measures 5.25” tall when fully contracted, while topping out at 7.25” in height when maximally extended.

Speaking of the handle, it was made to produce a very low amount of torque which minimizes your efforts and still keeps the results no less than exceptional.

To round out the user-friendliness on this premium press, we have a textured grip cap which affixes to the bottom of the cylinder after you load it, and hugs whatever surface you have it anchored on as you commence pressing.

Made in Sunny California by true masters of their craft, the icing on the cake is a brilliantly shimmering laser inscribed company logo running along the shaft. Enjoy!

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