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Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Rasta Grinder Medium 2.1 Inch

Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Rasta Grinder Medium 2.1 Inch

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Santa Cruz Shredder has released their Rasta themed grinder to add a little more flair to your collection.

Each of the 4 pieces of this aluminum grinder are colored differently; red, gold, green, and black, to create an amazing Rasta motif.

The medium Santa Cruz Shredder Rasta grinder is made of high grade aluminum in the USA to provide a superior grinding experience.

The 4 pieces of this herb grinder are colored red, green, gold, and black to create an amazing Rasta scheme to match it's superior grinding capabilities.

Herbs are ground in the first section of the grinder before falling down to the second chamber. There the are sifted of any tiny material with a stainless steel screen. Your herbs can be collected in the second chamber and any tiny material can be stored or collected in the third chamber below.

The medium 4 part Rasta grinder is around 53mm ( roughly 2.1 inches ) wide and is made in America with pride and attention to detail.

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