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Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Grinder Large

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The Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Aluminum Grinder Large 70mm is a unique American made herb grinder that comes without the stainless steel sifting screen found in most four and five part grinders. Taking away the sifting screen provides the user a considerable amount of room to store the ground herbs, allowing you to grind more at a time. The bottom compartment in the three piece grinder has a concave structure that is designed for finger scooping, this design ensures you lose no material to the corners of your grinder while also making the herb and pollen removal process as simple as possible.


Every Santa Cruz grinder is made from a hard-anodized aluminum that is put through an ultra sonic cleansing process to guarantee no contaminates that are formed during the manufacturing process remain when you receive the product. The hard-anodizing process ensures this grinder will stand tall against the test of time by creating a protective coating over the raw aluminum that resists scratches, scuffs and smudges with ease.


Santa Cruz has created their own proprietary 7-catch thread design that automatically prevents cross-threading, galling and any other damage caused from excessive rotating. The three piece large Santa Cruz Shredder comes equipped with their patented tooth design that shreds even the densest herbs to the perfect consistency with every grind without ever letting bb size pieces fall through to the storage chamber. A set of cylindrical neodymium rare earth magnets guarantee this grinder will stay closed at all times until you deem otherwise while also preventing any smell from protruding at the wrong time.


The Large 3 Piece Santa Cruz Shredder measures 2.75" across or around 70mm, making this a good size for personal use, being big enough to grind a good amount of herb yet still small enough to comfortably throw in a pants or jacket pocket.

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