1. RYOT Multi Utility Tool

RYOT Multi Utility Tool

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The RYOT Multi Utility Tool is a cutting-edge pocket tool that comes stocked with a specially designed tool for every and any job you may face as a smoker in day to day life.

Ranging from scraper tools to dabbing utensils and everything in between, the RYOT Multi Purpose Utility Tool is truly a must-have sidekick for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Equipped with a mini grind card, RYOT's utility tool is ready to shred through herbs and spices in just a moments notice. A perfectly sized tamper makes a great companion for killing hot embers during smoke sessions without dirtying your fingers.

This little smokers Swiss army knife is constructed from a hardened stainless steel that promotes a real quality feel without weighing you down in the process.

RYOT implements a texturized exterior that gives this tool a sleek look while also providing a secure and reliable grip, perfect for precision jobs.

Each and every RYOT Multi Utility Tool comes with a compact silicone carry case that features a discreet storage area for waxy material.

Whether you need to open a bottle, poke through a clogged pipe or scoop some waxy concentrates, RYOT's Multi Purpose Utility Tool has you covered. Invest in one today you are guaranteed to be impressed.

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