RAW Burlap Backpack
RAW Burlap Backpack

RAW Burlap Backpack

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RAW Burlap Backpack

The new smell-proof RAW Backpack is insane!! Designed to lock in smells – even really strong danky odors – entirely! It uses a proprietary 6-layer design with an extra-thick layer of activated carbon sandwiched between two layers of filter-fabric, a water proof foil layer, mesh layer and a final layer of naturally durable Burlap! Plus, it’s got not one but TWO silicone gasketed zippers for added security and privacy!

  • Size: L 3.8" X W 14.5" X H 18.5"
  • Smell-proof
  • Proprietary 6-layer design
  • Lockable silicone gasketed
  • Double-zippers

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