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R2 D2 Medium 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 2.2 Inch

R2 D2 Medium 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 2.2 Inch

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The R2 D2 Medium 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 2.2 Inch is an American made, limited edition herb grinder by Cosmic Case that features an engraving of the resourceful droid R2 D2 from Star Wars on the lid

This 4 part grinder consists of three chambers including a grind chamber, a storage compartment and a bottom storage tray for pollen collections.

As all other Cosmic grinders, the R2 D2 grinder is constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum that passes through a cutting-edge anodizing process to create a protective coating over the raw aluminum, leaving you with a heavy duty device that is extremely durable.

Within the R2 D2's top chamber you will find two layers of razor sharp teeth and strategically placed drop through holes that offers a fluffy like grind consistency each and every time.

These top two layers are held securely together by two strong neodymium rare earth magnets. These magnets coupled with the delrin plastic guide ring will help to create an airtight closure while also ensuring you do not lose a chamber full of material every time you travel with it in a pants or jacket pocket.

A fine mesh 316 stainless steel sifting screen filters any pollen separated during the grind process down into the bottom collection tray for easy removal. Use the included Cosmic Case pollen scraping tool to extract every last bit.

Cosmic's 4 Part R2 D2 Grinder measures in at just under 2.2" in diameter, leaving you with a device that is big enough to grind and store plenty of material while remaining small enough to discreetly travel with.

Cosmic Case is manufacturing these in limited quantities, pick yours up today before it's too late!

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