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Original Death Star Herb Grinder

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The Original Death Star Herb Grinder is a pocket-friendly grinder for dried blends and spices that resembles the Death Star space station from hit science fiction franchise Star Wars.

This discreet and portable grinder is made up from three removable parts that together make up a grind chamber and a spacious bottom storage compartment.

Held together by two strong cylindrical magnets, the Original Death Star Herb Grinder will not open until you want it to, ensuring you will not lose a chamber full of herbs to your pocket ever time you throw it in a pants or jacket pocket.

Release the secure magnetic closure to reveal the grind chamber, here you will find two layers of strategically placed diamond shaped teeth that will shred through even the most dense types of herbs and spices with ease.

After grinding your material sits upon a fine mesh stainless steel sifting screen that will transfer any pollen separated during the grinding process down into the bottom storage chamber for easy removal.

Access this bottom storage container using just two fingers to unthread and remove the Death Star's bottom layer of teeth. This deep pollen collection chamber allows for an impressive pollen collection, measuring in at just under 2 inches in diameter and ~1 inch in depth.

Measuring in around 2" in diameter by about 2" tall, the Original Death Star Grinder makes a great choice for those looking to discreetly grind on the go.

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