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Newport Zero Jumbo Butane Torch 10"

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The Newport Zero Jumbo Butane Toch 10" is a large yet lightweight butane powered torch that comes equipped with an attachable table stand for hands-free work.

Newport's Zero Butane Torches are known to offer one of the simplest and safest operations available on the market thanks to it's innovative self-igniting Piezo ignition and secure child-proof safety lock.

This torch comes equipped with an extremely powerful adjustable flame to help customize to fit your needs as well as the opton to use either the jet flame or standard flame lighter, leaving you with a versatile torch that makes a great tool for a variety of uses.

Newport engineered this torch with an ergonomically shaped handle to allow you to easily use this torch at any angle and their user-friendly quick refill design creates a streamlined filling process that can be done in minutes.

This company shows full confidence in their products by backing each torch with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects, ensuring you are buying nothing other than a top-shelf product that will provide years of use.

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