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Mendo Mulcher 2 Part Grinder 2.25 Inch

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Part Number: MEN3NWKO3
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Mendo Mulcher premium brand grinders are some of the most durable on the market with their aircraft grade billet aluminum design and matt finish. The billet aluminum design will resist wear and tear, chipping and scratching, and even smudging from finger prints. The magnetically sealed lid will keep your grinder shut so that if it is dropped you won't have to worry about any spilling. Add in the lifetime warranty and you know this grinder will never let you down.

The 56mm measures out to about 2.25 inches making it a great size for use at home or on the road.

Other Available Sizes:

40mm - (about 1.5")

45mm - (about 1.75")

50mm - (about 2")

75mm - (about 3")

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