Medium Kannastor Easy Change Screen 2.5
Medium Kannastor Easy Change Screen 2.5'

Medium Kannastor Easy Change Screen 2.5"

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The Medium Kannastor Easy Change Screen 2.5" is a genuine replacement screen for medium Kannastor grinders that is made available in a few different mesh sizes give the option of customizing your pollen collection to match your preference.

These easy change screens from Kannastor come equipped with an innovative thread design that screws directly into the grinder, allowing you to remove the screen in just a matter of moments without the possibility of damaging your grinder.

Kannastor offers their easy change screen in either the original 60 Mesh size or the newly released 100 Monofilament mesh that is capable of creating the absolute finest and highest quality sift possible.

Whether you are looking to replace the original 60 Mesh screen that came with your Kannastor herb grinder or simply want to upgrade your pollen collections, you will find just what you need here.

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