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Large Cosmic Titanium Dabber

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Cosmic has done it again with their top-of-the-line Large Cosmic Titanium Dabber.

Now this is not your bargain basement, typically shoddy dabber. Not remotely.

Rather, this is a professional-level ergonomically engineered, highly precise hand tool, crafted from grade 2 titanium, and made to be efficient from tip to tip.

On one end you have the flat head, which is ideal for getting into corners and smattering your material, while the other end has a tiny silver ball attached to it, and this is particularly suited to domes that are loaded from an overhead vertical position.

As you focus your attention away from the ends and on towards the center of the tool, you’ll notice coarse grooves in the metal, ideal for providing a very grippable, non-slip surface that remains square and true, even when the subtlest of precision movements are required.

The Cosmic logo etched into the center of the dabber is the icing on the cake, and really tells the tale of why this is such a quality product.

The two sided Large Cosmic Titanium Dabber measures approximately 4" in length.

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