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Kannastor Vape GR8TR

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The Kannastor GR8TR Vape Grinder is a user-friendly herb grinder that allows the user to customize their grinding experience to fit their preferences. This grinder comes with multiple grinding plates that have an outer threading, implemented to give the user the opportunity to change the grinding style. Each plate is designed to provide a different grind consistency, whether your working with thin or dense material, smoking or vaporizing it, the GR8TR grinder will provide the perfect grind with the right plate. These plates are made from a hard-anodized aluminum that is chemically bathed before the anodizing process to ensure that no contaminates formed during the manufacturing process remain in the grinder you receive, promising a truly pristine product that looks as great as it performs.

This grind uses a MTP (Micro-Teeth & Press) design that utilizes stronger micro size teeth to shred from the top and bottom while simultaneously pressing your herbs, ultimately shredding through your material with the least amount of torque possible. The specially designed friction/residue rings will decrease the amour of tension that is generated during the grinding process, making this grinder an ideal choice for medical users as its twist takes minimal effort. Not only do these rings make grinding easier on the user they also act as residue collectors, catching any pieces of herb that make it's way out of the grinding chamber, this ensures the grinders threading stays as clean as possible at all times.

Kannastor has added a second storage compartment to this grinder, located above the top layer of teeth, allowing you store extra herbs or spices for the ultimate travel experience. The GR8TR Grinder was designed with portability in mind, the lid and the base of this grinder can be removed and combined to create a travel-friendly storage puck, so you can grind at home and take your perfectly ground herbs with you on the go!

The Kannastor GR8TR Vape Grinder is covered by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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