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Kannastor Black Series Jar Grinder

Kannastor Black Series Jar Grinder

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The Kannastor Black Series Jar Grinder is the newest version of Kannastor innovative herbal grinding tools, now with a sleek matte black finish and monofilament sifting screen for an unmatched sift quality.

Kannastor's new matte black finish offers a sleek appearance to match it's top notch performance, leaving you with a device that looks just as great as it functions.

The newly released 100 monofilament easy change screen comes stocked with this device as well as the 60 mesh stainless steel sifting screen, granting you full control over the quality of your pollen collection.

Each of these screens feature the Easy Change threading, this allows you to quickly swap screens using just two fingers to clean or replace in just a moments notice.

As all other Kannastor Brand Herb Grinders, the Black Series Jar Grinder is manufactured using a high quality food grade anodized aluminum that is highly resistant to scratches, scuffs and scrapes. This creates a tough as nails exterior that will perform and look like new for plenty of time to come.

Designed with Kannastor's special tooth design and innovative drop through holes, the Kannastor Black Series Jar Grinder will deliver a fine and consistent grind every time without ever over shredding.

Kannastor shows complete confidence in their products by backing each Multi Chamber Grinder with a full lifetime warranty, guaranteeing you are buying nothing other than quality.

Grab the Kannastor Black Series Jar Grinder in either the 2.2 Inch or 2.5 Inch size and begin your lifetime of herb shredding with the utmost of ease and efficiency.


1 x Kannastor Black Series Jar Grinder (Your Choice of Size)

1 x 100 Monofilament Easy Change Screen

1 x 60 Mesh Stainless Steel Easy Change Screen

1 x Kannastor Pollen Pick

1 x Black Carry Case


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