Glass Debowler Ashtray

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The Glass Debowler is a durable glass ashtray that comes complete with a centered removable spike for ashing your favorite pipes and water tools.

Just flip the pipe you're looking to clean upside down and insert the Debowler's poker to remove any ash or residue remaining, from here it will fall directly into the Debowler's ash tray for a quick and mess-free cleaning experience.

This ashtray's spike is 100% removable, once removed a 14mm joint is exposed, allowing you to place a 14mm slider from your water tools in order to act as a packing stand. Any loose material that falls from the slider will land in the ashtray portion to minimize mess and waste.

The Glass version of the Debowler offers the same function as the original but with the added bonus of being able to ash hot embers as the glass material will not melt. Glass also cleans and stays looking good as new for much longer.

Grab yours today in your choice of 10+ vibrant color options!


  • 1 x Glass Debowler Ashtray w/ Removable Spike

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