Doob Tubes Large Funnies
Doob Tubes Large Funnies

Doob Tubes Large Funnies

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Doob Tubes Large Funnies

The ‘Funnies’ variety of Doob Tubes feature humorous slogans along the side, giving you a reason to laugh every time you pull out a joint. The funny sayings make these ‘Funnies’ the perfect gift for a friend.

The labels including the following:

“Just Say Yes”

“Is it 420 Yet?!!!”

“The Sh*@!!!”

“For My B*tch”


“The Bomb”


The ‘Funnies’ are available in both sizes, regular (4.3") and large (5.5").

Sizing Guide

REGULAR: Measures 4.3" x 0.55", and holds up to 1¼-sized papers.

LARGE: Measures 5.5" x 0.65", and holds king-size papers.

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