Diamond Grind 5 Part Grinder Small
Diamond Grind 5 Part Grinder Small

Diamond Grind 5 Part Grinder Small

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The Diamond Grind 5 Piece Grinder series changes up the game by throwing in a second screen sifting section to create two unique qualities of pollen.

Starting from the top you have two layers of diamond shaped razor sharp teeth that will shred through just about any type of dry material you decide to throw at it.

Each of those layers are held tightly together with neodymium earth magnets that allows for quick access to the grinding chamber while keeping it securely closed when necessary.

After shredding your materials falls through to the first sifting section. Inside there is a Coarse mesh screen that separates and filters your material down into a second sifting section.

Here you have a fine mesh stainless steel sifting screen that filters out the best quality pollen and transfers it into it's own bottom collection tray for easy removal.

The small size is 50mm (about 2 inches) making it a great portable grinding option available in unique color options including the Classic Silver.

  • 1 x Diamond Grind 5 Part Grinder Small
  • 1 x Pollen Scraping Tool

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