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Cosmic Super Shredder 4 Part Medium Rasta Grinder 2.1 Inch

Cosmic Super Shredder 4 Part Medium Rasta Grinder 2.1 Inch

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The Cosmic Super Shredder Medium 4 Part Rasta Grinder 53mm is a unique herb grinder that allows you to control the consistency of your grind and sports Cosmic's well-known Rasta theme with engraving of the Lion of Judah on the lid.

Unlike many other herb grinders this piece only utilizes a total of 7 teeth, three on the top layer and four on the bottom. This creates room for a loading zone that gives you the opportunity to grind more herb at a time than your standard herb grinder. After you load your material turn the grinder's top lid to the right to begin grinding, once the ideal consistency is achieve begin turning the lid in the opposite direction to begin transferring you ground herbs down in to the storage compartment.

From here your ground material will land on a 316L stainless steel sifting screen where your herb will be separated from any pollen that is extracted and then filtered down into the bottom pollen collection tray, this allows you to truly get the most out of your herbs and spices.

A set of neodymium cylindrical rare earth magnets create a secure closure between the top two pieces, these magnets provide a near airtight seal that will prevent any material inside from drying out right away while also helping to ensure you do not lose any material after severe drops and falls.

After 60+ years of knowledge and experience in precision machining Cosmic Case has created the ultimate herbal blending tool & they show complete confidence in their products by backing each and ever piece with a lifetime guarantee. The Cosmic Super Shredder measures in at just around 2.1" in diameter (About 53mm), leaving you with a pocket-friendly grinder that can grind and store a substantial amount of material.

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