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Smoke 4 Part Extra Large Cosmic Grinder 3.5 Inch

Smoke 4 Part Extra Large Cosmic Grinder 3.5 Inch

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The Smoke 4 Part Extra Large Cosmic Grinder 90mm is a top shelf grinder for herbs and spices that measures in with a massive diameter of 3.5" or around 90mm.

This heavy duty, gunmetal grey grinder from Cosmic Case is constructed from an aircraft grade anodized aluminum, the anodizing process ensures this grinder will easily resist your normal every day wear and tear including scratches, smudges and scuffs. This leaves you with a durable grinder that will look and perform like new for years to come.

Sharp, precision diamond shaped teeth will rip through nearly any type of material you throw at it, even the most dense herbs with grind to fluffy consistency without dulling this grinders teeth the slightest.

Cosmic chose to implement some of the strongest magnets available in their grinders, in every Cosmic Case grinder you will find two neodymium cylindrical rare earth magnets that create a near airtight closure while also ensuring you do not lose any of your herbs to falls and drops.

After going through the grinding chamber your material sits on a 316L stainless steel sifting screen to filter any pollen that falls from your herbs down into the final compartment for collection. When enough has built up use included pollen scraper to extract every last bit.

Cosmic shows complete confidence in their products by backing each and every piece with a full lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind that you are buying nothing other than a premium quality product that is truly built to last.

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