Sweetleaf makes some of the most simple yet effective herb grinders available. All of Sweetleaf's grinders are small enough to throw in a pocket, yet big enough to get the job done and feature a set of stainless steel spikes that have been proven quite useful with a wide variety of herbs and spices. Whether you're looking for a durable aluminum grinder that will withstand everyday wear and tear with ease  or a unique wooden piece that is truly one of a kind, you are sure to find just that in our full selection of Sweetleaf Grinders below.

The Sweetleaf wooden grinder contours the palm of your hand perfectly when grinding making grinding your material less of a chore and more of …
The Sweetleaf aluminum cylindrical grinder is a premium party size grinder that is great for when you need to grind a lot of material at once.…
This Sweetleaf grinder is designed to resemble a box making it great for someone that needs a discrete grinder. Two sets of spike shaped teeth…
Small wooden grinder from Sweetleaf that is completely cylindrical. It's unique wooden design ensures that each grinder you get will be on…
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