Diamond Grind

Diamond Grind's name is derived from the razor sharp diamond shaped teeth utilized in their herb grinders. This company offers quite a large lineup of products, ranging from you standard 2 part grinder to the 4 piece Shaker grinder that streamlines your pollen collection process. All of their grinders are machine milled from aircraft grade rods of aluminum, come in a variety of different colors and sizes and are all covered by a lifetime guarantee, ensuring you are buying nothing but quality when you go with Diamond Grind.

The Diamond Grind 5 part grinder series adds an essential extra piece to make sure you get everything possible out of your blend. You can stil…
The Diamond Grind 5 part grinder is not your typical grinder. The anodized aluminum design fights wear and tear exceptionally well, just like …
The Diamond Grind 5 part grinder series spices up what you might think you know about herb grinders. Everything you expect from your grinder i…
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