Cosmic is one of the top names in the industry of US-made grinders, with over 60 years of experience in precision machining they have perfected a lineup of premium quality smoking accessories.  Cosmic grinders can range from you standard 2 part grinder to their unique 4 piece Super Shredder grinder that uses a one of a kind grinding chamber to grind and transfer herbs between each chamber. This company offers a wide variety of different sizes, colors and styles in their products, guaranteeing you are to find something that not only fits your needs but also your style when you choose Cosmic.

When it comes to grinders, Cosmic is one of the leading names with their razor teeth design and super smooth feel. They have released their Ra…
The Cosmic 4 part super shredder grinder is one of the most heavy duty premium grinders on the market. It is designed for extra ease of use by…
“Is that a dabber in your pocket, or you just happy to see me?” That’s what you’ll be hearing as you bounce around…
Kick off your session with a touch from the dark side with this Darth Vader grinder from Cosmic's Star Wars collection. This 4 part alumin…
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