Boveda Butler - Total Humidity Management System
Boveda Butler - Total Humidity Management System

Boveda Butler - Total Humidity Management System

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Boveda Butler

Total humidity management calibration kit for storage.

  • Uses: Humidification monitor; provides humidity, temp and impact alerts
  • Supports: Bluetooth on smartphone or table
  • Includes: Butler, One-Step Calibration Kit (75% RH), free app download

How the Boveda Butler fine-tunes:

  • Continuously gauge humidity and temperature levels inside your jar, CVault® or tote and access those vital readings.
  • Receive push notifications if readings are outside of your customized humidity and temperature ranges or if someone accesses your medicine.
  • Analyze hourly, daily and monthly readings then use those findings to adjust future cures.
  • Set auto reorder to buy new Boveda straight from the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Boveda Butler work?

  • After you calibrate the Boveda Butler, put it in an airtight container with your flower. The Boveda Butler communicates via Bluetooth® to the free Boveda app on your iOS 10.0+ or Android 5.0+ mobile device. You can now access the conditions surrounding 10 our flower all the time from your smartphone or tablet.

Can the Boveda Butler Monitor multiple containers?

  • Each container or jar requires its own Boveda Butler. You can manage 5 Boveda Butler enabled containers through the app. No matter how much herbs are in each container, the Boveda Butler will keep careful watch.

How to set up remote monitoring with the Boveda Butler?

  • You can extend the reach to access real-time data from anywhere in the world by syncing up the Boveda Butler to a second compatible tablet or smartphone.

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