Browse our selection of metal herb grinders, and invest in a new high quality grinder that will provide years of dependable performance and hassle-free use. Our hand picked selection includes only the best quality grinders from top brands, backed up by manufacturer warranties.

Looking for something more than the typical grinder? Diamond Grind has you covered with these beautiful 2 part aluminum colored grinders. They…
Save 20 %
These 2 part anodized aluminum grinders have what it takes to not only match the quality you are looking for in a grinder, but also your own p…
Save 5 %
The Diamond Grind 2 part aluminum grinder is perfect for someone who needs something they can use at home or when they are out. The mini size …
Save 15 %
Diamond Grind is a great solution for your first time or upgraded grinder needs. Their quality design provides a smooth user friendly grind th…
Save 7 %
Space Case is taking purity one step further by completely removing the center magnet usually found in the top of their grinders. This means t…
Save 3 %
For those with style you definitely have to check out the Diamond Grind aluminum colored grinder. It comes in a large assortment of colors wit…
Save 15 %
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