Cleaners always have and always will be a crucial necessity in this industry. Below you can find our full selection of different cleaning agents from Formula 420 that have proven quite effective across a wide variety of materials. Whether you need something to rid the caked on debris from your herb grinder, a product to cleanse your favorite glass products, or you are looking for a cleaner made from all natural ingredients, EZGrinders has you covered.

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner 4 oz. Formula 420 glass cleaner is great for cleaning any glass, pyrex, metal, or ceramic surfaces.
If you’re sick to death of scrubbing all of your pieces into oblivion, with endless different “recipes” of homemade gunk rem…
Formula 420 Daily Use Concentrate 16 oz. Formula 420 daily use is designed to be used as often as you like without worrying about deterior…
Remove stains and kill odors with Formula 420's 3 in 1 all natural cleaning spray. This non-toxic formula has instant professional cleanin…
The all-natural scrub-free Formula 420 Soak-n-Rinse makes cleaning your dirty Pyrex, glass, metal, and ceramic items as easy as soaking them o…
Formula 420 is the people’s choice and it’s really very simple why: it works a charm! What that means is that there is no simply &…
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