Sifting boxes provide a great alternative for the user that is looking to collect pollen from their herbs and spices without having to grind their material beforehand. Here we stock a large selection of hand-picked pollen boxes from a wide variety of different brands, styles and sizes. Whether you're looking for a pollen box from RYOT complete with a strong magnetic closure or a unique slide style top with glass collection tray, finding the perfect box that fits your needs will be as easy at it can be.

Medium Bamboo Sylde A dark bamboo box with a sliding top and bottom drawer measuring in at 6" x 8' Other Boxes: Gajanana …
Ryot boxes are well-established by now, thanks to their impeccable attention to detail and the uncompromising attitude with which they approac…
The perfect complement of form and functionality, Ryot Sifting Boxes not only store your material in the most fashionable of stylings, they al…
Sometimes you just have to go all out and really treat yourself to the finer things. Enter the Exotic Zombie Mahogany Sifting Box. With a beau…
The 4 x 7 Double Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box is the ultimate tool for collecting the absolute most pollen from your herbs and spices. Not …
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