Grindaball Acrylic Grinder
Grindaball Acrylic Grinder

Grindaball Acrylic Grinder

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The Grindaball by Herby's Twist is the affordable solution to easily grinding your favorite smoking blends on the go.

This small 3 part grinder sports a compact ball shaped design with two texturized thumb grips for added support that will also allow it to stand freely on flat surfaces.

Using the Grindaball is as simple as can be, separate the two parts and you have two layers of sharp pyramid shaped teeth. Place your material inside, give it a couple of twists and you will have a fine grind in seconds.

Inside the Herby Twist Grindaball there are two magnets that are some of the strongest known to man.  These magnets won't easily open during travel so you can leave your blends inside rather than transferring to an extra container.

There is a lipped edge on the bottom half of every Grindalball that can be pull to separate the bottom layer of teeth from it's housing. There you have a hidden storage area with built-in removable ninja star cleaning tool for your convenience.

Grab your Grindalball Magnetic Ball Grinder today in one of six unique designs or various transparent color options and enjoy easy grinding on the go in no time!

Dimensions: ~2.25" H x 2" W

  • 1 x Grindaball 3 Piece Magnetic Grinder - Your Choice of Style

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