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Diamond Grind 4 Piece Color Grinder Medium

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Diamond Grind 4 Piece Color Grinder Medium
Part Number: DIAXFBIW55
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Diamond Grind grinders provide a fine & consistent grind every time while maintain a smooth and easy twist. Now you can add a little more personality to your grinder with a colored Diamond Grind brand grinder and sifter.

The 4 piece Diamond Grind grinders feature 2 sets of sharp teeth to tear and shred your materials. Once they are ground to the right size they drop down onto the stainless steel sifting screen where pollen will be separated from your herbs and transferred down into the bottom collection tray. When enough has eventually built up use the included pollen scraping tool to ensure you remove every last bit.

The medium size 4 piece Diamond Grinder is 56mm across (about 2.25 inches). This size is lightweight and travel-friendly yet it is still large enough to store a substantial amount of material with ease.

Other Available Sizes:

Mini - 40mm

Small - 50mm

Large - 62mm

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