Boveda 62% Large 60 gram 12 Ct
Boveda 62% Large 60 gram 12 Ct

Boveda 62% Large 60 gram 12 Ct

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Boveda 62%
Large, 60 gram, 12 Ct
Measures 5.2" x 3.5"
Ideal for herbal and premium tobacco products.

Boveda is the trusted choice for thousands of cannabis cultivators, processors, dispensaries, and consumers around the world.

Boveda Humidipaks offer 2-way humidity control, constantly working to keep your products in ideal condition. Simply place the Humidipak inside your storage container, and let it do all the work. Accurate within +/- 1% of the specified RH level, the Humidipak monitors ambient humidity, adding and removing moisture as needed. When the Humidipak becomes stiff or hardened, simply replace with a fresh one. Never worry about moldy or dried out product again. Plus, cannabis stored with a Humidipak retains 15% more terpenes than traditional storage, and maintains higher THC levels.

No mess. No worries. Enjoy.

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