Blunt Power Air Freshener
Blunt Power Air Freshener

Blunt Power Air Freshener

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The BluntPower Air Freshener is a long-lasting oil based odor spray that is made available in 200+ unique and intense fragrances.

Most fresheners are water based and dry up within seconds, leaving you right where you originally started. BluntPower lasts much longer and saves you money in the process.

After over 20 years in the business this company has perfected their trade. They live by the slogan "Three days lasts for days" so you can definitely expect to get your money's worth out of every bottle.

Pick up a bottle in your choice of fragrance for your car, home or work. Each bottle has a pump nozzle spray and can also be used with oil diffusers if you prefer.

  • 1 x Blunt Power Odor Spray 1 oz

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